Our Logo

People often ask us “Why a beetle?”

Our logo is a scarab beetle, also known as a dung beetle. Scarabs are known to collect dung which they roll into a ball and push to their burrows where they lay their eggs. The ancient Egyptians often represented the sun as a large dung ball being rolled across the sky by a dung beetle. The Egyptians believed the sun died at night and was reborn in the morning so the scarab also came to represent the passing of time and the cycle of life.

At Artisan Legal our core practice areas are estate planning, conveyancing and superannuation which we feel are key life stages so the scarab is an appropriate mascot for our firm.

You will also notice that in the ball of the sun held by the scarab in our logo there is a scribe. The scribe is a tool used since ancient times. Like those old artisans we give individualised advice and service for each of our clients. The scribe is a reminder for us that we are here to tailor a product for our clients.