About Us

About Us

Kellin Kristofferson

Young Lawyer of the year 2018, Doyles Guide recognised.

I grew up in Queanbeyan and take a down-to-earth approach to complex legal issues. Losing my parents at a young age has shaped my pragmatic perspective on estate planning. I value the opportunity to assist families with their estate matters. I also enjoy conveyancing, and particularly enjoy acting for clients buying their first homes.

I graduated with honours from the ANU and have been teaching postgraduate law there since 2013. I also run workshops for other lawyers, including through Legalwise seminars. I strongly believe in the value of open discussion of estate issues, which are frequently seen as unpleasant to talk about.

In my spare time (of which I have little), I love gardening, reading, writing and painting. I am well-read in history and feel most at home by the sea. I live in Kambah with my partner and our retired greyhound, and am a proud uncle to numerous spoiled nieces and one nephew.

Paul Salinas

Accredited SMSF Advisor, Nationally recognised family law superannuation specialist, Doyles Guide recognised.

I am Superman. I don’t mean that I have any super powers but if you need advice on anything to do with superannuation, splitting superannuation or estate planning then I am your man.  I love SMSFs and the freedom of choice they give you in your retirement planning, however, with great power comes great responsibility. It is important to get things right to ensure you don’t find yourself in trouble with the regulators, but also to ensure that your money and your estate ends up with where you want it to be when you pass away. 

Outside of the office I am the chair of local community for the SMSF Association, Australia’s peak body for the SMSF sector.  I am also the chair for Advocacy for Inclusion, a not for profit that advocates for those with disabilities and helps them advocate for themselves. 

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my wife and three children and our mini zoo of pets. I love all things history from ancient to modern.  My children often roll their eyes when I start waxing lyrical about topics ranging from Marcus Aurelius, Medieval Church architecture or the French Revolution. When doing my usual husbandly duties around the house or taking the dog for her morning walk, I will usually be listening to a podcast on history or current political events. 

I’m also a bit of a geek.   Date nights for my wife and I usually involve going to the latest Marvel, DC or Star Wars related movie release.  The last movie I cried at was The Return of the King.