From little things, big things grow…

From little things, big things grow…

Our page is evolving! Slowly but surely, we are getting there. Thank you for being so patient with us, and thank you for the support! So what is new on our page? We are very excited to have an online booking system now, which allows you to book your own appointment, at a time that

Bear with us

The website upgrades are exciting, but seem to be causing a few challenges. Please bear with us as you may see a few things appearing and disappearing over the next few days until it’s sorted.


Followers of our Facebook page would have seen that we have been going through some major changes over the last week. Kellin started Artisan Law three years ago as a mobile service providing tailored estate planning.  Since that time Artisan Law has grown in leaps and bounds.  Around two years ago, after demand from clients, we started